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Wie die Kleidergröße anpassen? shop is offering You clothes of many producers, that's why don't consider only the size on the label (for example M, L, XL), which is given in the product description. Most of the brands have their own sizes. By purchasing the customer is obliged to carefully examine the sizes table. The link to this table is always given in the product description. We suggest to measure Your own clothes, which are the perfect fit for You and choose size according to these measurements, if You want to select the accurate size.


Examplary size table:

Rules of measurment:


  • The values in the size table are values precisely measured by us. Clothes are measured in the front, buttoned up or zipped up. IMPORTANT! To get the perimeter You have to multiply the dimensions by 2.
  • We try to measure every product most precisely. Only one item of every model and size is measured, that's why there can by minimal differences in dimensions given in the table (the tolerance is +/- 2 cm).


Universal size.

Mainly our clothes are in universal size. What does it mean ? Clothes are produced in M-L size. Usually they contain addition of elasten which make them fit also XL size. Clothes are rather loose (the so-called "outfit) which make them fit to body.

Warning: in every product description are sizes of clothes measured flat without stretching.


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